Article Writing – How to Write an Effective Marketing Article

Article marketing is only one of the many effective ways to advertise your business online. It can also be used to advertise an offline business online to supplement your offline advertising.

So how do you write an article that is an effective marketing article? Here are a few tips to help you write your marketing articles.

Main Keyword or Keyword Phrase.

Effective articles need to be targeted to keywords or keyword phrases to be effectively picked up and ranked high by the major search engines. So select a main keyword or phrase to use when writing your article.

Articles themselves need to be written a bit different if they are for article directories, blog posts, web pages, ezines and so on. So determine the main reason for your article before you begin to write it.

Article Title.

This to me is the most important part of your article because people determine whether they read your article or not based upon it’s title. It should be written to catch peoples attention and should include your keyword phrase so that it gets picked up in searches. So in a nutshell it needs to catch the attention of not only readers but the search engines as well.

To get some good ideas for titles you can check out article directories for titles that catch your attention because they will catch the attention of others as well.

What Do People Want to Know About?

Do some research to find out what people want to know about regarding your business, products or niche. Discussion forums are one good source for this information. Check out what is hot in the relevant forums as this information can form the basis for some good articles.

Remember to keep your articles short and to the point as people get lost with long sentences and just hate having to read them again. Bear in mind that most people scan content today and only read the bits that are of interest. So write your articles so that they catch the scanners attention and they stop and read the important bits.

Call to Action in Resource Box.

Include a call to action in your resource box as people like to be told what to do next. Avoid using the resource box for self promotion as people want to solve their problems and do not care too much about your achievements. The purpose of the resource box is to get people to click through to your website or blog so hyperlink your main keyword phrase as well as listing your website address.

Before you write an article consider these tips on how to write a

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